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Here at Wordplay Editing Services, we thrive on helping clients with their manuscripts – at ALL STAGES.

We love witnessing the development of an author’s promising story reaching their ultimate goal – and helping to bring their story to life!

So, if you have:

  • a manuscript you’ve completed but you’re not sure how good it is;
  • a manuscript that needs work but you don’t know how to proceed;
  • a manuscript that has stalled and you’re not sure how to complete it…
Manuscript Assessment

Now might be the time to get a MANUSCRIPT ASSESSMENT.

Why get an assessment?

If you’ve been holding onto your manuscript for dear life and haven’t shared it with anyone, now is the time to hand it over to a professional ‘reader/editor’.

Editors can appraise your work and give you professional feedback as to how you can enhance and improve your manuscript, and therefore make it more likely to grab the attention of a publisher, or we can help you mould it towards publishing it yourself, if you wish to self-publish.

Seeing as an ‘assessor’ may be the first person to read your manuscript, their ‘fresh’ eyes can be so welcomed! An assessor will read through your completed manuscript and focus on the overall structure, content and style of your manuscript. If it is a fiction novel, they will look specifically at your narrative, voice, plot, pace, characterisations, dialogue, readership, title, length and presentation. For non-fiction titles, they will look at the text’s appropriateness, narrative, flow, style, structure, clarity, facts, title, length and presentation.

An assessment provides a thorough review of the above aspects of your manuscript, detailing how they are working, or what they lack. Examples and suggestions for improvements are also included in a manuscript assessment. As well as this, assessors can demonstrate how grammar, spelling and punctuation may need to be corrected; however, they will not correct all of these errors in this appraisal.

A manuscript assessment ensures you have professional advice on the most important overall aspects of your work, and it gifts you with valuable guidance for reworking and polishing your manuscript before editing it yourself or having it professionally edited.

We can help you!

Wordplay Editing Services offer a thorough overall assessment of your manuscript that will provide practical suggestions for how you can improve your writing and better the chances of your story being noticed in the publishing world, or to give you a better chance of selling more books, if you wish to self-publish.

What is included?

Our assessments are in-depth and a complete analysis of all the major components of your manuscript – we read the WHOLE manuscript. Not only do we write a report that discusses your plot, narrative, characters, voice, dialogue, style and presentation, we also make a copy of your manuscript and do sample edits and write comments and suggestions directly into the Word file using ‘Track Changes’. This allows you to clearly see what aspects we are pinpointing, how things can be reworked for improvement, and we even tell you what IS working.

Yes, I’d love an assessment!

Great to hear! Just head over to our CONTACT page and let’s make your story everything you’ve every dreamed it to be!

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