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The Benefits Of Proofreading
And Editing Services

Errors can, without a doubt, be embarrassing. Sadly, they can have a significant effect on your future. In your resume, errors may mean you don’t get that job interview. In your academic work, errors may lower your score and grading. A self-published book manuscript with errors will certainly get fewer sales. Simply put, anything published or printed can fail or succeed depending on whether it has been proofread.

At Wordplay Editing Services Brisbane, we recommend using a professional editor and proofreader, a practice that ensures that a publication is error-free. Here, the document is firstly scrutinised by the editor – who does a structural edit/more intense edit, and then the proofreader does the final check. One mistake that most writers commit is fully depending on a software’s ‘spell checker’, which will catch mistakes in your text, but not all mistakes. It will barely catch misspellings that form other words.

Why are editing and proofreading important for all writers?

You probably have come across the old saying that goes, “you never get a second chance to make a great first impression”. Well, almost all writers conduct their work over the Internet and through emails; your written work is what speaks about you to the other person, which forms that first impression. What’s more, if you have published a book or have a website, it’s through your written content that people judge you on. Committing even the slightest mistake may mean that the person reading your text has formed an impression and will not read your work further. Therefore, the importance of proofreading your work cannot be emphasised enough.

Additionally, when submitting text for publishing, publishers and editors have the responsibility of accepting or rejecting your work. The fact that they receive numerous submissions leaves them looking for reasons to reject manuscripts. While at the same time, they are seeking reasons to accept them. For your manuscript to be considered, you need to ensure that your writing is of a high standard and that the text is as error-free as possible. The truth is it’s hard to attain this on your own. This is where you need professional editing services. A professional editing agency in Brisbane can turn your poor manuscript into a manuscript that will receive more attention and have more chances of being published.

Why do I need professional editing and proofreading services?

It’s impossible for Australian and other English writers to edit or proofread their work and fix all the errors. For the same reason, there’s a need to use double reading to eliminate all embarrassing errors in a published work. It is, therefore, important to at least engage an editor before submitting your work to publishers. As the author of your own words, there is a higher chance that you will be a biased editor and proofreader.

When you go through your work, immeasurable and frequent instances will make you skip certain words simply because your mind anticipates the content. You could be a flawless proofreader of other people’s writing but you will easily overlook misspelt or missing words and phrases in your own writing. Professional editors at Wordplay Editing Services will edit and proofread your documents to make them easy to read, precise and appropriate for your audience. Great proofreading and editing services are not an icing on the cake; it’s a critical part of the writing process.

When writing, you’re always in competition with someone, if they offer well-written, error-free writing and you don’t … they’ll win.

What Clients Are Saying About Wordplay Editing Services

“Wordplay Editing Services delivered superior quality content across a range of purposes including copy for vitamin websites, Facebook content and consumer facing content for a medical app. Able to create a voice for our brands across a range of tones and styles, Michele’s writing and editing was second-to-none. Michele was a delight to deal with and also delivered on time, and to budget. It’s always comforting when you can find a content supplier who provides true value, with minimal guidance from the team.”
Michelle Tucker

Head of Digital, Sanofi

“Wordplay Editing Services are by far the most professional editing service I have ever used. As my business manuals demand a high level of readability due to the technical nature of content, it was reassuring to know that Michele was able to adhere to my requirements. It was a pleasure doing business with her and I will be using Wordplay Editing Services again for future projects.”
Peter Johnston

General Manager, I.A.S. Pty Ltd

“As an author, it’s imperative to have a trusted editor work with you to bring your story to life. Michele has a natural gift for helping an author perfect their words. Her attention to detail, expertise in all things editorial, and her passion and dedication made working with her such a joy. She also greatly assisted me in navigating the publishing world successfully – a winning combination to have as a first time author. I look forward to working with her again on my next book!”
O. S. Fiderro



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