Michele Perry Editor

About Wordplay Editing Services

Wordplay Editing Services has been working with authors, publishers and businesses for over 17 years. We pride ourselves on our select panel of professional editors, proofreaders, and writers who help authors make their stories all they can be.

We also assist publishers in reading manuscripts to find the stories that stand out, recommending them for publication, and we help companies write the perfect content for any readership!

Wordplay Editing Services managing editor, Michele Perry, has over 17 years experience in publishing, editing, copywriting and research services. Having worked with some of the world’s largest companies, she can assist you with all your writing and editing requirements.

Michele has also studied in many writing-related disciplines and obtained formal qualifications through a number of internationally recognised educational institutions.

Formal Qualifications

Graduate Diploma in Editing and Publishing – University of Southern Queensland
Certificate in Freelance Writing and Photography – Australian College of Journalism
Graduate Certificate in Creative Writing – Queensland University of Technology
Bachelor of Arts majoring in English, Communications, and Ancient History – University of Queensland

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