How Can Our Editing Services Help

Every good writer needs a good editor – someone who can let the writer know what works and what doesn’t, what material to develop and what material to cut, someone to help with grammar and spelling, and to ensure that the author’s work is reaching the intended audience.
If you are a writer and need help with any of the above – my eyes are yours!

I can provide you with clear and specific advice on how you can improve your chances of getting published. The way I achieve this is by:

  • fixing spelling errors, typographical errors and grammatical errors
  • tightening plot issues
  • helping with your tone, register, readability, characterisation, and ensuring your story is suitable for your chosen genre

I have completed many manuscript assessments for authors and can offer you a comprehensive assessment of your work for a flat quoted fee. For an additional fee, I can also complete structural, copyedits and proofreads for you.

I can assist with any manuscript assessments, editorial reviews and reader’s reports. I am very passionate about finding and publishing fantastic work, which sometimes might be overlooked. I can assist in the decision-making process when deciding whether the manuscript that you feel ‘has something’ is publishable, something which many publishing houses don’t have the time to analyse. I am also a professional editor with more than 15 years’ experience in copyediting, proofreading and indexing adults and children’s non-fiction and fiction. And with 10 years’ experience in the bookselling industry, I know what books sell.

I can write new content, copyedit and proofread any existing content that needs to be read by a specific audience, to ensure everything is perfect!

Editing Services 

This deals with the bigger picture – the logical structuring of information and the matching of language and presentation to the needs of the audience. Aspects checked at this stage include:

  • effective and inclusive language
  • how easily the story/text flows
  • purpose of the text
  • narrative; voice; plot; pace; characterisations; dialogue; readership; title; length and presentation

The overall accomplishment of a good structural edit is that the author’s message reaches the audience. I can also give you a critical evaluation of your piece and suggest changes, which you may or may not take onboard.

This is the general description given to a variety of tasks. Most importantly it ensures that nothing disturbs the interaction between author and reader. Points that are checked include:

  • narrative; voice; plot; pace; characterisations; dialogue; readership, title, length and presentation
  • grammar, spelling and punctuation (all is corrected)
  • consistent style
  • factual accuracy
  • correct illustrations suitably placed and captioned
  • completeness
  • coordination of copyright applications and acknowledgments, legal concerns etc.
  • checking of title page, imprint page, references, indexes, chapters etc.

Proofreading is generally the final edit, (usually completed when the manuscript has been typeset) but you can have your manuscript proofread at various stages along the publishing process. In this edit I will check all spelling, grammar, punctuation, layout and styling.

I will read your manuscript and give you suggestions as to how you can improve it before you send it to a publisher or, for self-publishers, press that print button! I can evaluate and write an assessment for a flat fee. Aspects I look at include: narrative, voice, plot, pace, characterisations, dialogue, and readership. With over 10 years experience as a bookseller and book buyer, and with over 15 years’ experience as an editor in numerous publishing houses – I know what can make your work more ‘publishable’!

Writing Services

I am also a Web Content Writer, Copywriter and SEO Writer.
With years of research and writing experience, I can help with the following:

  • ghost-writing
  • non-fiction and fiction writing
  • writing website content
  • writing sales and marketing material
  • writing press releases
  • writing articles
  • writing newsletters
  • copywriting
  • SEO writing
  • writing and designing brochures/booklets
  • researching and fact checking
  • editing existing web content

I have written for the Australian Bookseller and Publisher Magazine, University of Queensland Press, Steve Parish Publishing, New Holland Publishers, Mary Ryan’s Books, Borders Books and Café, Suncorp, Creatop, The Blurb Magazine, The Australian Girl Guides, Sanofi, Genzyme, Nature’s Own,  Telfast, Cenovis, HealthMine, Independent Ink … to name a few.

Is English your second language?

Are you wanting to introduce your business into the English-speaking markets? Is the content on your website easily read and understood by your English readers? With the English language now being the most universal language in the world, it’s extremely important to ensure your message is getting across to your markets correctly. For this to happen you will need the services of a professional and experienced English editor. With over 15 years’ experience, Wordplay Editing Services may be what your business needs to take you and your business to the next level. I have worked with businesses all over the world, helping them perfect the English for their websites. If you are not 100% sure that the English that appears on your website is correct – I can edit and proofread this for you.

It’s imperative that your English is perfect, to attract your English-speaking clients.

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